Saturday, June 13, 2009

Strawberry Let Down

We heard there was going to be a Strawberry Festival downtown on Thursday.

What comes to mind when you think of a strawberry festival? Seriously, think about it. What comes to mind?

I'll tell you what comes to my mind.

Tables full of strawberry shortcake, strawberry pie, strawberry mousse and other unidentifiable but delicious strawberry desserts.

Old ladies wearing frilly bonnets selling their prized jams and jellies.
Houses made to resemble or made entirely of strawberries.

Grown men dressed as strawberries and driving tractors around town while little girls in vivid red tutus dance the strawberry waltz.

The strawberry queen waving daintily to her subjects from the top of a magnificent strawberry float.

Of course with all these beautiful images of strawberries dancing through my head we made plans to attend.
Guess what we found when we got there. No sweet scent of strawberries filled the air. There was no jam to be found, the only thing there was SIX DOLLAR STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE. None of the other stuff.
It wasn't the lovely festival of my imaginings. It was a fundraiser for some church. There were no streamers, no banners, no strawberry queen. What a disappointment.
At least the SIX DOLLAR cake was good. On second thought, no it wasn't. The only thing good about it was the vanilla ice cream. Oh man, did I feel suckered!
You can bet that when I am in charge of the strawberry festival (or any fruit/vegetable festival) you can bet there will be houses made of the produce. There will be pageants and craft booths and excessive celebration. And you won't have to pay $6 for the shortcake.


Brad and Kimberly said...

yeah, it got us out of the house though right?

Ceramic Banana said...

How come no grown men drive tractors dressed as lilacs at the lilac festival?


Why is there no lilac pie?


Now I'm sad too.
Come home.

Jenna said...

i am so impressed. Where do you hear of all these fun activities? Miss you