Monday, June 29, 2009

Paddle boats on the Potomac

Two weeks ago we went to D.C. These are some of the fun things we did:

Visited all the monuments and memorials

Stood in front of the white house

Saw the amazing man who plays water glasses. He let Bryce help him play a little!

Took an awesome tour of the Capitol building, (Thanks Ryan!)

Went through MANY of the Smithsonian museums. Our favorites were the Natural History, National History, Air & Space, and the Conservatory & National Gardens.

And road a paddle boat around the Tidal Basin. (If you ever happen to go paddle boat-ing, don't wear a skirt!)

We also saw lots and lots of squirrels, sat in the Senate chamber and watched some of the senators vote, walked a ton, watched planes take off at plane park, saw Old town D.C., Visited with my dear friend Michelle, and had a nice (but too short) visit with the love-of-my-life Meghan and her hubby Ryan.

As a capstone to our trip we went and saw Night at the Museum, Battle of the Smithsonian after we got home.
Super cute movie. It was really fun to see all the sites we had just visited (and I have a girl crush on Amy Adams).

It was a great trip, I highly recommend DC as a perfect vacation destination if you like to go to free museums and walk 10 miles a day.


EPVCorier said...

How Fun! I want to go!

The Carters said...

How fun! We went there last year on vacation. We had so much fun!