Friday, May 18, 2012

Daphne Update

I kept meaning to do an 18 month update for our crazy girl, but time just moves too fast and she turned 20 months yesterday. So here are 20 things about 20 month old Daphne. She:

1-Finally has hair covering all the surfaces of her head. It is uneven in texture and length, but it's a comin.
2-Loves to talk on the phone. In a pinch she can substitute a tv remote, crackers, apples slices or pieces of bread for a phone. Whether it's a real phone or not, she just gabs away into it and keeps one with her at all times.
3-All about shoes! She likes them colorful, and the bigger the better. It's quite a sight to see her waddling around in Bryce's giant shoes. She actually does pretty well. She has to inspect every pair in the house every day. When someone comes to visit, if they take off their shoes, she takes them for a spin.
4-Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. She is always adorning herself with necklaces, purses and bracelets. She's very creative with what she uses.
5-A bag lady. Besides enjoying the act of wearing a purse, she also enjoys filling purses and bags with an odd assortment of items so that she can transfer them to another room to unpack and reload.
6-Loved milk and would drink about a gallon a day until we weened her from a bottle. Now she will have very little to do with it, unless it's chocolate milk. Then she'll drink a whole gallon of the stuff.
7-Never took a pacifier, but since we brought the baby home she enjoys them a lot, especially when she finds them in her brother's mouth.
8-Such a helpful big sister. She is so good at taking off Dewey's socks, blanket and pacifier. She knows how to sit on top of him just the right way to wake him up or how to kiss him until he stops sitting quietly and makes some good noise. When we're in the car she always shares her crackers and sippy cup with him. While I'm nursing the baby, she likes to keep him warm by sitting on top of him.
9-Makes some great animal sounds. She can do: dog, cat , goose, horse, elephant, horse, cow and we're working on frog & pig
10-loves to read stories. She will sit and read to herself, but prefers to have some else read to her. Her favorite books are Brown bear, brown bear, Andy Wharhol's colors, and Baby's First 100 words.
11-A few months ago I couldn't get her to even notice the tv. Now she's obsessed with staring at it. She'll wake up in the middle of the night and ask to watch a show. If I'm sitting on the couch, she'll come in and turn it on. If the tv isn't tuned to something she wants to watch, she'll bring me the remote.
12-Starting to be concerned about her clothes. Some days are dress days, and some definitely aren't. She likes colorful raiment and does not like her shirts to be too short.
13-Not a very good eater most of the time. Will occasionally shock me by eating enough for several grown men, then will nibble like a bird for days. She likes meat, fruit, fruit snacks, goldfish and anything with sugar in it the best. She also likes to drink lots of water.
14-saying more and more words everyday and sure uses the ones she knows: mommy, Hazel, stay, sit, doggie, baby, snack, backpack, shoe, cheese, daddy, byebye, tickletickle, hi, no, uh-oh, out, done, bath, blankie & clean up. (but they certainly don't all sound like the real word.)
15-loves to dance
16-enjoys the stroller; both pushing it and riding in it.
17-loves her dog.
18-busy! She gets into anything that isn't secured shut. Purses, cupboards, laundry baskets, moving boxes. Nothing is safe from being emptied by her busy and curious fingers.
19-Likes to play with other little kids, but struggles to share. Every toy is HER toy.
20-likes to be tickled. She'll lay down next to us and say "tickle tickle tickle tickle."

Such a fun, active girl. Every day is an adorable adventure.