Monday, April 25, 2011

Little Bunny's 1st Easter

After a week of birthday festivities, we were partied out. So this year we opted for a relaxed Easter. We didn't even dye eggs since Little Lady has been playing with and sucking on the plastic ones for the last month. Not only is it hard every year to use up the hard boiled eggs. I can only imagine the struggle I would go through looking for recipes that call for slobbered on hard boiled eggs.

But we did do the baskets up right.

Getting into her goodies.
Finally got an Easter smile on camera

We didn't manage to get a shot of the whole fam. Church is just miserable for the poor darling because she won't sleep there but can't happily go 3-4 hours without a nap. So we put her to bed right when we got home. But here's a quick shot with each parent.

We also didn't miss out on our traditional dinner, not the traditional Easter dinner, but ours.

Ham is one of the three foods I won't eat. So on this festive feast day we opt for what we call
"Easter Bunny Poop"
on a bed of grass

MMmmm, delish!


It was our birthday this last week. But since Bryce doesn't really care and I care A LOT, we're just going to focus on my birthday.

It was a fabulous day/week. Some of my sweet girlfriends took me to breakfast at Cafe Patachou. We made quite a spectacle of ourselves with all of our babies. After we ate we braved the record rainfall to go to the Flying Cupcake. Thanks ladies, it was so fun!
After Bryce got home we went out for our 3rd baby free date in 7 months thanks to the Jones for babysitting. We went to Saffron Cafe, which I've been dying to try. Mmmm. Moroccan food=fabulous.

We saw a movie and headed home. I scored some fabulous birthday loot. A Shabby Apple Dress, some perfume, lots of good books and some $, and lots of snuggles from my favorite girl.Then the next night my amazing bestie *Courtney* and I had a movie night. She even made me my favorite cake (lemon). I don't know how she even has time to think about people with how crazy busy she and her 4 kids are.

This weekend we were supposed to go on a ward campout. However, it was raining, pouring, flooding and otherwise wet. SO we got a hotel room downtown,went swimming and slept in! The next morning we went shopping and played tourist in our city.

It was such a great birthday. I'm so excited to be 23, (once again) it's going to be the best year ever!

7 months

Our princess is 7-months-old and exhibiting plenty of personality.

She sits as long as you help her get up.
she rolls and army crawlsSleeps 12 hours at night, takes 45 min. naps
Still no teeth and no hair.
She just started reaching up when she wants to be held.
Eats solid food but still loves to nurse

Daf loves to be around other kids and she's getting fast with her worm wriggling method of moving around.
Still loves the dogs.
We've taken her swimming a couple of times. She tolerates is, but is not really over the moon about it.

Favorite things to eat: any kind of paper or tissue.
Such a doll, we enjoy her so much.

The Fortner's Visit

Bryce's parents came to visit and we had so much fun. The above picture is of Daphne expressing how sad she is they had to leave.

We mostly just hung out around the house. Chuck and Jan came to see us after spending time in Kansas City and Omaha visiting other grandkids, so they were a little tired by the time they got here. But we did have to show them the sights of course. We walked downtown and went to the Pres. Benjamin Harrison Home Museum. They came to church with us and Bryce and his dad played with the dogs.
And Grandma bought Daphne this pretty dress!
We're so glad they came and wish we saw them more often!