Wednesday, January 18, 2012

So here's some catch-up:

Daphne broke our camera the week after Halloween, so I pretty much haven't taken any pictures since then.

Yesterday Daphne turned 16 months. She has 8 teeth, is finally starting to get some hair. It appears as though it is going to be brown and curly. She had learned to give kisses, can say 5 or 6 words and is just more delightful everyday. She loves to dance and spin and tap her feet. She's pretty into talking on the phone, climbing everywhere and thank heaven, she finally learned to go down the stairs on her own.

We spent three weeks in Spokane for Christmas. We got completely spoiled by both sets of parents and got to go out for lots of baby-free time. Several of our siblings came home as well and we had a beautiful, relaxing time. Daphne was so loved and had so much attention paid to her by her grandparents, cousin and aunts and uncles that she was pretty bored once we got home. But we're all glad to be back in our own house now.

Bryce passed his national board exams. YAY! Now just a few more hurdles before graduation in May.

We put our house on the market March 1st. Hopefully it will sell quickly. And my due date is March 2nd, so yeah, it's gonna be a crazy month. I've been cleaning and decluttering like crazy. Thank goodness for all the crazy nesting energy.

Baby boy is due to arrive in 6 weeks. We still don't have a name picked out because so far we can't agree. Since we'll be moving soon I'm not going to the trouble of doing a nursery, and that is kind of a bummer, but I still have a couple of little sewing projects to do before he arrives. 

This pregnancy has gone by in a flash. I'm still feeling pretty great except for exhausted. I imagine that's partly due to having a toddler. It's very different from my last pregnancy, and aside from different discomforts I enjoy how much more relaxed about everything I am now that I've been through it before. I imagine this little baby looking just like his sister, I'm so excited to see him.

That's all the news with us. hopefully we'll get that camera fixed soon, at least before baby boy comes!