Sunday, November 8, 2009

Jena ate a little lamb

Tonight some friends invited us over for dinner. Lamb was on the menu.

Now, lamb happens to be just about my favorite food, but it is especially tasty when it is home-grown, like this one was.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Goodbye October, hello cold!

We love Halloween, so October is basically the best month of the year. Unfortunately our camera is just about the worst one ever made, so I don't take many good pictures. Sorry.

We started off the month apple picking out at Anderson orchard.

Round 1 of pumpkin carving with our friends the Nehrings


Bryce and Lindsey carving away

We had homemade donuts with the Jones family.

We carved a second round of pumpkins with our friends the Brooks, and made you typical pumpkin sugar cookies.

You know Bryce loves his dog.
Do you see the resemblance?

We saved our milk cartons for two months to make these cute front porch ghosts. I think it's going to become a tradition.
We went to Hanna Haunted Acres on a very wet night.

This is what a haunted hay ride during a downpour looks like. All of the haunted attractions are a lot more fun when you have to squelch through 4 inches of mud the whole time!

We had Halloween themed food

We had fall break

And the highlight...

Our 2nd annual Halloween party with our dental school friends.

Everyone is so creative. There were great costumes

Juno and Bleeker
Pillsbury dough baby

Me being and emo creepster

Bryce looking way too good as an emo boyA scarecrow and a crow
A ninja turtle and swine flu

Pippi long stocking, the other turtle, and my personal favorite, the pregnant 50's housewife (her husband was dressed as the milkman!)

The show stoppers, batman and joker. Jenna worked on those batman abs for months

And of course it's not a Halloween party without Halloween treats!

Purple People Eater Punch

Vampire Apples
and a cheese Mummy

Goodbye October, I miss you already!