Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A little help?

We got home from Jamaica last night. Sigh. I miss it already.

I will be posting about it later, but for now I could use some help...

In the month since school got out for the summer, I have managed to knock out my entire summer reading list. So I could use some book suggestions. What have you read lately, what is your all time favorite?

All recommendations are greatly appreciated!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I'm outta here!

Beach towel, sunscreen and a stack of good books. We leave for JAMAICA on Monday morning and I am ready!

Last night we tried to take a picture of the fireflies. There are so many, it looks like someone is dumping gold glitter all over the trees. But fireflies don't show up very well against the black.

Sometimes when Bryce is supposed to be mowing the lawn, he ends up playing around taking silly pictures. Usually they're of his dog, but sometimes he experiments with other subjects.

And here is the tummy at 26 weeks.

So I hope you all have a nice week. The Fortners will be in paradise!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Meet me in St. Louis, and Kansas City and Omaha!

We took advantage of Bryce's week off last week to do some sight seeing and family visiting in the Midwest.
First stop: St Louis, MO where we saw a Cardinals game,

Went to the zoo and the World's fair sight,
Visited the famous arch, and walked along the river where we could see the steam boats going up and down,
And went to the Temple.Next stop, Kansas. We got to spend a couple of days visiting with Bryce's brother Kyle and his wife Kristin. Their little girl is stinking cute, but I didn't get any pictures of her.
We went to a Kansas City Royals game. The team pretty much stinks, but I think Kauffman Stadium is my favorite of all the ball parks we've been to so far.Then we hit up the church history sites in the area: Independence, MO, Liberty Jail, Far West and Adam ondi-Ahman. I loved the visitor's center at Indepedence. Their presentation about families was so touching, and the video segment of President Monson's talk on Finding Joy in the Journey Now was super inspiring.
We were the only ones at Adam ondi-Ahman when we visited. Incredibly beautiful and peaceful! (there was a shocking rainbow behind me, but you can't really see it)

And finally we stopped for one day in Omaha, NE to visit Bryce's sister Becky and her family. They took us to the Mormon Trail center and Winter Quarters temple. Another great visitor's center! I think my favorite part of this visit was while walking home from church, Charlie (four-year-old in the yellow shirt) asked me, "So what do you like about plants?" We discussed the subject all the way home. He likes trees and grass the best.
These kids are so well-behaved! I hope that's a trait all Fortner children are born with, and not just a result of Becky and Justin's superior parenting skills.

We didn't really get our fill of Bryce's siblings, but luckily we will see them in Seattle in a few weeks for a family wedding!

For our next summer trip we are going a little more exotic. Jamaica, I will see you in a few days!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

You know you're a nerd when...

This is Bryce's current mouth wash of choice. It has fluoride, so it's better than all the other mouthwashes we have in our bathroom cupboard.
A few days ago he wakes up and has to tell me about a dream he had...
"I dreamt that I was really excited because Listerine came out with a new CINNAMON flavor, and I couldn't wait to try it! But then I found out it doesn't have fluoride so I was super disappointed."
I guess you know you're a nerd, or maybe you just know your husband is a nerd when he dreams about the excitement and disappointment associated with new oral hygiene products!
But the good news is, Dental School is halfway done!
Here are the friends and classmates that Bryce has made it through with: Matt, Ryan, Eric, Rich, Brad, Rick and Trent.(Not pictured: Scott, Brett and Jonathan)
The support staff. The wives that have made it through together: Jenna, Lindsey, Brooke, Rachel, Melissa, Christie and Kimberly. (Not pictured- Kim, Jamie and Candace
I sure am grateful for all these people and how fun they have made this Indiana experience so far!
And of course, our growing family. And I mean growing!

Oh yeah, and Hazel as decided she would like to follow in Bryce's footsteps...