Saturday, June 12, 2010

I'm outta here!

Beach towel, sunscreen and a stack of good books. We leave for JAMAICA on Monday morning and I am ready!

Last night we tried to take a picture of the fireflies. There are so many, it looks like someone is dumping gold glitter all over the trees. But fireflies don't show up very well against the black.

Sometimes when Bryce is supposed to be mowing the lawn, he ends up playing around taking silly pictures. Usually they're of his dog, but sometimes he experiments with other subjects.

And here is the tummy at 26 weeks.

So I hope you all have a nice week. The Fortners will be in paradise!


EPVCCorier said...

Have a great Trip! you look so cute and your husband is a dork just like mine....Don't let him teach Peter how to do that or I will never see Peter again he will be making goofy pictures of himself on the computer all day!

R and M said...

Have fun on your vacation!!!

We saw a bunch of fireflies the other night. I don't know why they make me so excited.

Anna Banana said...


Joe and Katie said...

Jena! You look darling. Hope you are feeling well. Have so much fun in Jamaica!