Monday, April 25, 2011

Little Bunny's 1st Easter

After a week of birthday festivities, we were partied out. So this year we opted for a relaxed Easter. We didn't even dye eggs since Little Lady has been playing with and sucking on the plastic ones for the last month. Not only is it hard every year to use up the hard boiled eggs. I can only imagine the struggle I would go through looking for recipes that call for slobbered on hard boiled eggs.

But we did do the baskets up right.

Getting into her goodies.
Finally got an Easter smile on camera

We didn't manage to get a shot of the whole fam. Church is just miserable for the poor darling because she won't sleep there but can't happily go 3-4 hours without a nap. So we put her to bed right when we got home. But here's a quick shot with each parent.

We also didn't miss out on our traditional dinner, not the traditional Easter dinner, but ours.

Ham is one of the three foods I won't eat. So on this festive feast day we opt for what we call
"Easter Bunny Poop"
on a bed of grass

MMmmm, delish!


EPVCCorier said...

Daphne is so adorable! I love the bunny poop idea. Looks delicious. Happy Easter!

Scott and Jamie said...

Interesting idea for dinner, very creative. I love her in her easter dress. I never thought of getting Scott anything for Easter, fun you guys do that.

Lea Tame said...

So cute!