Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Things my brother told me...

Which turned out not to be true

This is my big brother Daniel

He's three years older than me and as a little girl I worshiped him as little sisters tend to do.
I followed him around, I tried to play with him and his toys. I thought he knew everything and believed every word he said.I was always amazed at how smart he was and how he knew sooooo much.

As I've grown up I have realized that some of the things Daniel said that I took for fact weren't true, not by a long shot.


Don't ever drink a glass of water that you left out over night, because a daddy
long legs might have dropped some venom in it, and if you drink it, it could kill you.

If you drink a Squeeze-It while lying down, you will choke on it and drown and die.

If a praying mantis gets on you, it will run around really fast and tickle you to death

While babysitting me one night, "Jen, I hear burglars breaking in. Hide here and I'll go check."
This was actually just a good tactic to keep me frozen with fear and out of his way so he could play video games until my parents got home.
(These are just a few examples. There are many more that run in a similar vein.)

Throughout my adult life I have realized that a lot of the things I knew to be true were totally false, whether he made them up or really believed them himself, I sure believed him. He was also full of useful facts about dinosaurs, space and square roots. But most of the things that stuck were the various tips that would help me avoid an early demise.

Hey, I've lived this long, so I guess I'm pretty lucky to have a big brother.


Jenna said...

cute! This was a fun post to read and I kept lol! love it

R and M said...

Haha...amazing you aren't a super paranoid person.