Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Turkey Run

We have exactly one year left in Indiana, and there are so many neat places we still need to see before we go. This weekend we spent a few gorgeous hours at Turkey Run State Park.
Lots of beautiful scenery and some good hiking trails.
There was this delicious little gully trail called the "ice box." As soon as you take a few steps down a bridge, the temperature immediately drops 20 degrees. It was misty and quiet and felt amazing on the humid day.
Daphne was such a trooper for the first hour and a half, but she decided she needed to be held for the last mile or so.
It was so humid the camera lens fogged up every time we tried to take a picture, and it looks like my hair is wet. Nope, just moist and frizzy.

Having fun as a family
We encountered some wildlife...

And really enjoyed the day. One more Indiana adventure checked off the list!


Joe and Katie said...

I love Daphne waving with her toes in the first picture. So cute!

Kim said...

Ha. I love the picture of Daphne trying to eat the frog. You look super skinny!!!

Jenna said...

Looks like so much fun! What a cute little family you have.

Henricksen Family said...

Fun family outing we will have to make it there some time thanks for the tip!