Wednesday, May 20, 2009

He Knew!

Bryce has been holding out on me in a BIG way!

Since moving to Indiana we have only gotten one channel on our old, trashy TV. This is not a bad thing because (A) the channel we got was NBC; The Office, Biggest Loser, basically everything I need. And (B) when you only get one channel you don't watch that much TV. And I really didn't mind.HOWEVER, I have a few guilty pleasure TV shows and they are all found on one channel.

Dare I admit that I love, love, LOVE Gossip Girl, 90210, Privileged, and don't ever forget ANTM. I know every single one of these shows is trashy, trivial and an enormous waste of time. But, we all have our weaknesses. I watch these shows online, which is fine, but it's more fun to watch it on TV and you can only see that Go Fresh! Dove body wash commercial so many times before you decide that even the drama of Blair and Serena is not worth the agony of the same jingles every commercial break.

We got our digital converter box in April and I knew we got some new channels, but I didn't bother to check because I didn't want to open that Pandora's box and start watching more TV, and I figured we didn't get the CW anyway. Monday night I was a huge bundle of nerves, agitation, and all the stress that comes with making a big life-changing decision I just NEEDED to watch me some Gossip Girl. I needed to lose myself in the inane/wonderful senselessness of it all. I fired up my laptop, got cozy on the couch and told Bryce I would be there for awhile because I had several episodes to catch up on. He laughed because he knew how serious I was and then commented. "I'm surprised you haven't been watching them on TV, you know we get that channel now, right?" Oh, he knew I didn't not know!

Seriously, this is almost a deal breaker. We do not not tell our spouses such vital information. I'm Serious.


Lindsey said...

get ready to be watching more TV now! and i can't believe you guys did go camping last weekend amid all the storms. I missed you on Thursday, hope you have fun in Cinci today!

Ceramic Banana said...


oh, and my word verification code for this comment is "potate." tee hee

Pocahontas said...

Ha ha you're too funny. But the best part is I have the same guilty pleasure TV shows and when I miss an episode or two I watch them all online...but I mute the dove commercials!

P.S. It was good seeing you while I was in town!