Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Anniversary...


You joined our family one year ago. It took awhile for us to find the perfect name for you, and you really needed a bath. But you have been a perfect fit for us and we love you.

You are a good dog because:
1~ you keep hazel company
2~you don't shed
3~you like to snuggle
4~you don't eat very much
5~your bark isn't too yippy or annoying
6~you are our fierce protector
7~you are learning to be nice to children
8~even though you are ugly, have an under bite to boot, and smell super bad two days after I bathe you, you never let your self-esteem suffer.
9~when you have just been shaved you share a striking resemblance to FALCOR, the dog/dragon from the Never Ending Story.


R and M said...

WHY did I not know about this blog? I think I even asked you a while back if you had one and I'm pretty sure you said no. Hmm... I want to see pictures of your house! Please post soon. Miss yoU!


Dave and Melissa Geddes said...

Glad you found us! Love this post--you are hilarious. I love the pic of your dogs snuggling. So sweet. Hope you guys are enjoying your house!