Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The car didn't end up in the lake

We defied the weather reports and went camping this last weekend. We drove down to Starve Hollow state park in Brown County and tried not to look at those dark ominous clouds all the way.

It was a beautiful place to camp, write on the edge of an almost flooded lake. I didn't get any pictures because the camera was out of batteries. It didn't rain at all in the evening and the dogs had so much fun swimming and chasing geese. The best part of the trip was when Hazel tried to eat a giant frog on our night hike. One of a frog's defence mechanisms is to secrete a nasty chemical through its skin. It was hilarious to watch her foam and spit for the whole rest of the hike.

After the frog incident Bryce asked what are the differences between frogs and toads. As-a-matter-of-fact, I can tell you the exact differences between those two animals. Apparently it is crucial for 2nd graders in Indiana to learn them. Ask me sometime so I can impress you with my wisdom.

The rain did come sometime in the middle of the night. Not just a little trickle either. It was the simultaneous lightning and thunder that woke me up. I was able to go back to sleep, but I kept dreaming that our car was sliding into the lake and I wouldn't be able to catch it in time. So I kept waking up every few minutes to see if it was safe and still. It pored and pored all night, but we didn't get wet and fared better than our neighbors. In the morning all the surrounding campsites had sleeping bags and blankets hung out to dry.

We had smores for breakfast...obviously it was a perfect camping trip. We plan on doing lots of camping this summer. Anyone want to come?

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