Monday, October 17, 2011

Murder at the Circus

So, chances are if you read our blog then you're also a friend on facebook and you may have already seen all the pictures from our awesome Halloween party. But in case you missed it on FB and you want to to hear all about it, here's the scoop:

Four the past 4 years, we have had the pleasure of hosting a Halloween party for all of our dental school friends. Our group has grown from 6 children when we got here to 20 with 4 more on the way and that makes for an out of control party! This year we decided no kids, and let's make it something extra special while we're at it. We did a circus themed Murder Mystery Party.
 Every year our friends have blown us away with their creative costumes, so I know this year would be amazing. Here is the cast of characters
 Circus bossman and wife with expensive tastes
fiscally minded ticket taker and FBI agent
 Knife thrower and spotlight grabbing acrobat
 Lion tamer and Elephant performer
 Sword swallower and sabotaged tightrope walker
 clown and snake charmer
 Team of trapeze fliers
 Tattooed lady and muscle man
 sketchy midway director and swindling fortune teller
 I do have to brag just a tiny bit and say that I sewed Bryce's coat and my whole costume
 All of the ladies
 All the guys, in character
 the poor victim and her treacherous murderer
Daphne woke up to join the party.

We had a wonderful time. Everybody got so into it, and participated way more than I expected. The food was great, prizes were awarded, and I am devastated to think this was out last big fling with these fun people.

Thanks everyone for being such good sports and for playing along.


EPVCCorier said...

cool party! Peter's cousin is the one that makes that pregnancy skeleton shirt. small world!

Candace said...

WEEE!! SO fun, thanks again, you are an amazing hostess. :)

Malerie said...

That is AWESOME! Everyone has amazing costumes! I bet it was so fun.