Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fall break

She loved taking a nap in this hammock.
 For Bryce's Fall Break we went camping down in beautiful Brown County. The trees were probably a little better the weekend before, but it was still pretty amazing. The weather was great the days we were there and the ground was dry so Daphne's rolling around in the leaves wasn't a problem. We were joined by our new friends the Dawsons, and had a really fun evening with them. Even though our darling girl decided none of us should get any sleep that night, it was still a good time. We didn't hike this time around, but we drove to some of the good vantage points, played with leaves and sticks and enjoyed the beauty of fall.

 On the way home we stopped at a pretty fantastic pumpkin patch. It was just on the side of the road, there was no hay ride or hike to get your gourd. Just plenty of beautiful, (and beautifully priced) pumpkins right there to choose from.

check out all those colors!

We also hit up Zaharakos Ice Cream parlor for lunch and made a stop at the outlets. I continue to be disappointed in the options for baby boy clothes. Every time I go shopping for little brother I come home with a new wardrobe for Daf.


Ash said...

Gymboree has the cutest little boy clothes on sale right now...check out the Smart Little Guy collection and Baby Skunk collection. So adorable. :) Grats on the boy! You are lucky to have one of each now!

R and M said...

I haven't even started shopping for baby boy clothes yet but I'm excited to start!

Sounds like a fun break! Ryan went to Boston for his...I stayed here and worked :(