Friday, August 20, 2010

I was making cookies tonight and as I started splattering and spilling ingredients all over myself I made the comment that I probably needed to put an apron on.

Bryce looked at me, then in all seriousness said:

"Will any of your aprons even fit you right now?"

I'm trying to chalk this up to a skewed male understanding of how aprons work. As any woman knows, a generic tie-in-the-back apron will pretty much fit anything. They're one size fits all. Thick or thin, rotund or slim, most aprons will fit any person.

I'm trying not to let his comment (which under the surface meant "you've become enormous and absolutely nothing else fits you right now") make me feel bad about eating those cookies that I just made. They look too delicious!


Candace said...

Oh. Dear. Insert foot in mouth, Bryce. Just do it.

EPVCCorier said...

I think you should keep all the cookies for yourself for that one! You look beautiful in your pictures, I'm so excited for you and that sweet little girl that will be coming soon! Enjoy the cookies :)