Saturday, August 28, 2010

How many more days?

Last year when I was teaching, and hating it, and really ready to be done Bryce helped put things in perspective. He reminded me that I could do ANYTHING for 65 days, or 42 days, or however many days were left of school that day. That was my mantra that got me through the hard days.

Within this last week or so pregnancy has become extremely uncomfortable, and I think I've experienced everything a person needs to experience while gestating. I won't go into the list of discomforts, most of you have been there or will be eventually. But bottom line- I feel ready to be done. Really ready.

I can do anything for 21 days. Deep breath. I can do anything for 21 days. I might spend those days moaning in agony stuck on the couch, but I can do it. Right?


Anonymous said...

oh yes you can do it! you can come over and we can hang out on the couch together! :)


EPVCCorier said...

V came 21 days early! It doesn't have to be 21 days but even if that baby wants to stay all the way till her due date you can do it! Keep your feet up and have Bryce bring you a steady supply of ice cream :) We are so excited to meet baby girl Fortner!

Kim said...

Of course you can.....and that is because you have no choice really. Let's go walking to get her out.

Jenna said...

oh jenalee! I am so sorry...i feel your pain. So soon you are gonna munch on that little baby fun

DaNae said...

THose last few days are killer, but enjoy them before all the sleepless night pour in!