Thursday, July 15, 2010


We got to go home for one wonderful week. All my siblings made it home, which made the visit extra special. We spent a lot of time just sitting around enjoying the beautiful weather but we had a little excitement too.

We went out to see the Palouse Falls. I'd never been out there and the falls were raging. It was a spectacular sight.

My brother Daniel and his little family

Sweetest little girl ever.

Mom and Dad ( it was a very windy day)

The girls

The whole gang

Anna and I reliving our high school days with matching tiaras, cheer leading fleeces and, my favorite, the identical Pizza Hut name tags. We contemplated trying on our cheer leading skirts, but opted for dignity rather than depression. We plan on doing this every time we both go home for the next 80 years or so to document our progression through life.

Saw a couple of my little brother's baseball games. He's a total all-star!

My mom and sister + sister-in law threw a baby shower for me at Grandma Daines' house. It was beautiful and so sweet of them. I loved getting to visit with so many friends I haven' t seen in a while.

Mom, her sister Chris, Ali and Ann

Grandma, aunts and cousins

Friends from the good old Belle Terre Ward

Bryce's mom and sister

High school friends Celeste and DaNae
There was also 4th of July, lots of hikes and craft projects and the usual stuff. But the best part of going home was getting to see so many friends. Thanks to everyone who took the time to visit with me!

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