Sunday, April 25, 2010

What do YOU think?

We go in for the big ultrasound in about 2 weeks. I've been dreaming about baby girls and baby boys so I'm divided. I think Bryce has gotten tired of me asking him a hundred times a day what he thinks it is, so will you indulge me?
Take my poll, what am I having?


Scott and Jamie said...

I say boy!

Lindsey said...

GIRL! can't wait to find out!

Dave and Abby said...

Twins. One of each.

R and M said...

Girl. Definitely a girl.

Kristin said...

GIRL GIRL GIRL! And I literally mean 3 girls. :) I guess by now you would know it was mutilples but hey that would be a great surprise, right? :) Congrats!