Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Break

No, my last post was not an April Fool's joke. I hate April Fool's. I don't like to think of myself as gullible, I just don't usually realize what day it is and end up getting all worked up by someone else's prank. We really are having a baby.

This week was so wonderful and went by way too fast. My week off from work included lots of house cleaning that I have been too sick/busy to do for the last three months, actually making dinner (which also hasn't happened in a long time,) going to the gym, taking long naps, enjoying the nice weather and going to the doctor to hear baby's heartbeat;such a happy, reassuring sound.

And this weekend was the best of all. How often do you get 85 degree weather in the beginning of April? Not a lot in parts of the country where I've lived. So we took full advantage and went camping in beautiful Brown County State Park with our friends the Turners (two pregnant women camping makes for lots of snacking and bathroom trips.). It was such a nice weekend with only a few hours of rain and lots of fun. And we made it home just in time for Conference Sunday morning and our traditional Easter dinner of Easter Bunny Poo (meatloaf.)

Sigh, having a week off definitely makes it hard to go back to work.


No pictures you've noticed? Yeah, our camera is pretty worthless. Maybe some nice husband needs to get me one for my birthday!

I'd even be okay if anyone besides my husband wanted to get me a new camera!

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Lindsey said...

Haha! I didn't even realize you posted the baby news on april fools!

Glad you guys had fun camping! It poured here most of saturday and I thought of you guys. So I'm glad the weather was nice for you.