Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It was sunny today

I like the to mow the lawn sometimes.
I like being able to hear cooing morning doves over the hum of the mower.
I like the smell of the juicey blades of grass and even the gasoline burning. It reminds me of playing barefoot outside late into the summer nights when I was little.

I like watching my toes become green as I push my way up and down the yard because I wear flip flops.
I enjoy all the sensory stimuli that goes along with a spring evening, enhanced by an enjoyable chore and the consuming rythym that requires focus and and relaxation at the same time

I DON"T like when the lawn mower stalls, over and over and over because the grass is still a little too damp and very long. Or when the grass catcher won't fasten on quite right and it dumps soggy grass back on my smooth pathways. Or when after emptying the darn thing I can't get it to start again. It's frustraating. And it just reminds me of all the other frustrating things that happened today. And then I feel angry and I don't want to mow the lawn anymore because now it feels like a chore.

So. What does a strong-willed and perservering person do when faced with such a problem?

She leaves it for her husband finish and goes inside to watch tv.


Kim said...

Good for you! You are pregnant & shouldn't have to mow the lawn if you don't want to (especially when it is long & makes the mower stall....I hate that!)

EPVCCorier said...

I have to admit that I have never mowed a lawn in my life. I had two brothers within 3 years of me so it was never really an issue, maybe someday when we have a house Peter will make me learn :) Tsk tsk for wearing flip flops while you mow.

Anna Banana said...

In Brazil they mow the lawn with a machete.

Just sayin.

Scott and Jamie said...

You're a strong woman! Those fumes would've sent my prego sniffers headed for the toilet to puke! Can't believe you did it in the first place... I've never mowed a lawn yet, I wouldn't mind if our's didn't take 10-15 strokes to get it started! :) Another reason we live in a man's world.

Circus Ringleader said...

You such a great writing style. I could really visualize and smell mowing the lawn. My creative writing has been squashed by nursing school and, well, nursing. Charting has ruined me.