Sunday, September 18, 2011

Canal & kilts

 This weekend was Indy's Irish Fest. We're big fans. but before we went to the festival we took a little walk on the canal.  Daphne is usually content to enjoy our walks from the stroller, but this time she was determined to do all the walking herself.
 From her new vantage point she could much more easily check out the fish, pet the passing doggies and just be more cute in general.
 Then we headed to Irish Fest where we listened to Irish music and tried on some kilts,

 looked up our family Coat of Arms, won some silly prizes from a radio station, played robin hood,
 We watched a dog herding demonstration and petted some doggies,
 but then we had to head home early because those Irish with their drinking ways were a bad influence on our little girl. We didn't even get to see any Irish dancing this year. :(
Irish fest is definitely one of the things we'll miss about this city.


R and M said...
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R and M said...

Hehe..Bryce in a KILT! Your baby is cute.

P.S. I removed my previous comment because I said Bryce in a quilt. I'm not the brightest these days.

Lindsey said...

looks like you guys had fun! and haha.. that picture of bryce in a kilt just made me laugh. He is brave :)