Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Strawberry picking

My best friend Meghan came to see us. I haven't seen her since last summer and once a year is definitely not enough. We had lots of fun things planned to do with her and the first was strawberry picking.

It was a Beautiful day

I wanted to get lots of cute pictures of Daphne crawling through the plants, stuffing berries in her mouth. However, I have a strict no-crawling-through-poison-ivy policy. Unfortunately the patch was really overgrown with weeds, (including poison ivy and stinging nettles) and the berries were super tiny, so we just had to pick them for her.
She still had a good time playing with and eating them.

And of course, we made yummy jam when we got home.


Kim said...

I let Easton crawl around in the patch.....maybe that is the rash all over his legs??

Jenalee said...

Could be. I heard rubbing vinegar on poison ivy makes it go away. But I guess it's gone now because you went a couple weeks ago.

Kate said...

What a beautiful day!

R and M said...

Miss you! Your pie was amazing. You're baby is amazing