Wednesday, June 22, 2011

9 months

It's hard to believe this little stinker has been alive for ONLY nine months. It almost feels like time started when she came into being.

She is 19 lbs, 2 oz.
Still no teeth.
She can crawl, but prefers to army crawl.
She waves and claps and gives kisses.
She climbs the stairs (Yikes!)
She's bound to start getting hair any time now, right?
She can pull herself to a standing position and walk along furniture.
She can climb out of the bathtub, (oops)
Loves dogs
She is a major Mamma's girl!
She sleeps from 7-7 every night.
Takes two good long naps a day
She's always happier when there are kids around.
She hates being read to.
She doesn't like to cuddle.
I think she has a good sense of humor.
And I just can't help it, I think she's amazing.


Kim said...

Oh my I love these pictures & I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that romper she has on!!!! Can I borrow it for my own photoshoot?

Jenalee said...

Please borrow it! I can't foresee any other occasion for her to wear it and it needs to be worn!

Scott and Jamie said...

I love those pictures, who took them? I agree with Kim, that romper is adorable. Did you make it?

Jenalee said...

The pictures were just taken at Target, and I definitely did not make the romper. I wish.

EPVCCorier said...

She is Soooooo cute! Claire was a baldy for like the first year! Daphne just has a cute head and wants to show it off while she can ;)

R and M said...

SO CUTE...such a happy baby.

Anna Banana said...

It's because she IS amazing! Oh my goodness, bring her to me pleeeeeease.

Malerie said...

ok seriously...she is GORGEOUS...not just cute but absolutely beautiful!