Saturday, March 19, 2011

Gone green

We're big fans of any holiday you get to celebrate by dressing up ridiculously and eating themed food. So obviously, after getting home from a week in Utah on Wednesday night, Thursday morning I left all of our luggage and laundry all over the house and got our green on for the parade!

Because we're die-hards, we got downtown early and scored prime curb spots.

Spotted our friends the Turners. Addy is a dork after my own heart.

Because the weather was amazing we walk a little farther down after the parade to see the canal dyed green. It was much brighter than it looks in this picture.

And, St. Patty's day happens to be Daf's 6 month birthday. She celebrate by licking the frosting off half a cupcake.
She was pretty pleased about it.


Kim said...

Half a cupcake!!! What a lucky girl ;).

DaNae said...

You guys look so cute all greened out! I can't believe she is 6 months already. time flies.