Monday, March 21, 2011

6 months

I can't believe how much fun it is to be this girl's mom. It just gets better and easier every day!

At her checkup today, her stats were:
27 inches, 90th %
16 lbs. 14oz, 50th %
Looks like someone is going to take after her daddy.

She is a good sleeper, wants to eat everything she sees and can sit up for a couple of seconds before toppling. We really enjoy watching her roll over and over to get around the house.

Her favorite toys are a stuffed kitty, a pink dragon and all of her hair flowers. She thinks Hazel and Buster are hilarious. No teeth yet, no hair either. If you look really closely you can see tiny blonde hairs but not many. Luckily, she has a perfectly round, beautiful head. She could totally rock the bald look if she wants to when she's older. In fact, she may have to.

This last month Little Missy had her first cold, strep throat and got to visit some of her cousins in Utah, so it was a pretty big month.

That's our girl!


Kim said...

She does have a nice round head!! What a cute girl you have!

Jenalee said...

Oh thanks Kim. But I still envy your little guy's amazing hair!