Sunday, February 13, 2011


Did you watch Oprah on Wednesday? Me neither. But if you had, and you hit pause at just the right second when two guests were walking out of the back tunnel you would have seen me and three of my friends wildly jumping up and down and pretending for all the world like we knew who those two people were and we were exccited about it.
That's right, I went to see Oprah a week and a half ago. Now, I know what you're thinking... Doesn't Oprah always give her studio audience some fabulous prize during the course of the show? You'll have to wait to hear about that.

Early Friday morning Jenna, Lindsey, Kim and I squeezed into my car and headed for Chicago. Thankfully, the roads were clear of ice and snow and weather was great. When we arrived we had a few hours to kill so we had breakfast at Le Peep and perused the Oprah Store. Did you know you can buy items from Oprah's personal wardrobe? (Is that the smell of success or body odor?)

We then trudged back through the knee deep snow to Harpo Studios where we waited an additional 2.5 hours for our show to start.

Having to sit backstage for so long did afford its amusements. We saw Jennifer Hudson being literally carried onto the stage by two assistants because her stilettos were about six inches tall and needle thin. We also saw some guy from Project Runway being escorted past us. We got to hear them both being interviewed about how Oprah has changed them, the world, etc.
Finally it was time. The theme was Soap Opera stars. I was severely disappointed no characters from my Soap, Days, were featured. And to be perfectly honest, it wasn't as overwhelmingly awesome I expected, but it was definitely cool.
After the show we had an amazing dinner at Maggiano's, (more lemon aioli sauce, please!) And headed to our hotel. I felt like I was back at BYU living with roommates. Talked and laughed long into the night then fell asleep just after 11pm. What can I say, we're all moms of little babies and looked forward to a restful, full night of sleep.
We headed home to our babies early Saturday morning and after one blizzard and a 45 segment of stand still traffic we made it home.

I can't even emphasize how much fun I had with these girls. I could do without Oprah. Give me a weekend with friends any time!
Oh yeah, our fabulous prizes...nada. No cruise, no car, not even a pencil. Can you even believe it? Oh well, the memory is the real treasure, right?
(Ellen DeGeneres, if you're reading this, you are now and will always be my favorite. You are way better than Oprah and I would love to come to your twelve days of Christmas show next year.)


Kim said...

Sounds like fun.....not the waking up early to drive part....or the trudging through snow part.....or the not getting a prize part.....or the blizzard on the way home part....or the 45 minute standstill part....but the 'friend' part I could do.

Lindsey said...

lets do it again for sure.. and SOON! i agree i could do without the oprah part.. unless we got super cool presents :) ps. i want your pics.