Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ice, ice baby!

Here in the midwest we got hit hard by the icestorm of 2011. The Monday before it hit we joined other frenzied Hoosiers in our preparations for the big freeze. After listening to the forecasts and dire warning of impending weather, we headed to walmart where we filled a cart with milk, flashlights, bottled water and 6 cases of firewood. We were ready for every possible scenario.

As it turned out, our power lines stayed on, we didn't get iced in and everything was fine. What we did get was three days of school canceled for Bryce. We loved the time together with nothing else to do but sit around in our pajamas playing wii, drooling over our adorable baby and taking lots of long naps. We also played on the ice and felt grateful we didn't have it very bad. My biggest concern through all the drama of weather alerts and frozen roads was that I wouldn't get to go to Chicago to see Oprah (next post).

Right now it 51 degrees, and our driveway is visible for the first time in 2 weeks. Looks and feels a lot like spring...I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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