Sunday, November 21, 2010


Sometimes I feel like my baby is not quite human.

She grunts like a pig when hungry
Mews like a kitten in her sleep
and has Canine powers of scent.No kidding, She can smell the mama's milk from a mile away.

Example A: If she wakes up early from a nap and I try to rock her back to sleep, no way. She is up and hungry and mad. If Bryce rocks her back to sleep we can get a little more nap time in.

Example B: The other night Bryce had taken his scouts on a camp out, so I decided to just let Daph sleep in my bed. Worst idea ever. She woke up every hour and a half sniffing and snorting and sticking her tongue out trying to find something to eat. She usually sleeps 7 1/2 hours at a stretch at night.

Example C: All I have to do is tiptoe in and stand a few feet away from her crib at night and she starts rooting and sniffing around and grunting for a midnight snack. There's no way I made noise, or that she could have heard me over her noise machine if I did .

Because I am inexperienced, I don't know if she's just a normal baby using all of her senses to their greatest ability or if her furry four-legged siblings are wearing off on her.

Or maybe I need to shower more often?


Candace said...

More showering, definitely. :):)

That is too funny!

DaNae said...

That is so funny and true! Babies have so crazy heightened senses...and it's hard not smell like milk all the time!