Friday, May 21, 2010


And 100% happy about it.

I didn't believe the end of this school year would ever truly come.

But it came, I survived and now on with life. I'm so happy I'll be getting to stay home with our little girl. However, I'm kind of overwhelmed at what I'm going to do with myself for the 11 hours a day I used to be at work each day until she comes...

I do have lots of projects on my to-list, such as
Refinishing this dresser,

turning this stack of fabric into bedding, curtains, etc. for the nursery,

replanting our little garden that got washed away in heavy rains,

cleaning out my garage

using my gym membership

knocking some books off my summer reading list

nagging Bryce about getting a fence put up

and on and on.

Oh, and to all my friends in the Indianapolis area, I am free to hang out now, ANY TIME!

Yes, I think I am going to like being job-free.


Jenna said...


Dave and Melissa Geddes said...

Yay for summer! I love all your fabrics for her room. Since you have such a variety, you will be able to put whatever you want in her room and it will match. Hope you are feeling well and it will be fun to see how your projects turn out!

P.S. Sorry about your garden :(