Monday, May 24, 2010


I itch all over and I think it's going to drive me crazy! For the last 2 and a 1/2 weeks I have been getting patches of hives all over my body that itch continually.

It's not bug bites or poison ivy, it's not an allergic reaction to a new laundry detergent or bath soap. It's also not PUPPS or any of those syndromes associated with pregnancy that make you itch. So, nothing diagnosable so far. All my OB gave me was a recommendation to see a dermatologist.

And the dermatologist can't get me in until July 2nd.

I can only slather my entire body with Benadryl cream so many times a day! Has this ever happened to anyone else while pregnant?

And, how do I make it stop?


Jenni and Josh said...

Take the pill form of Benedryl! This happened to me with my 2nd baby. It drove me bonkers! The benedryl worked after taking 2 pills at a time. I had to take it for a couple of days, but remember, DON'T scratch, for more reasons than just getting more itchy. I ended up with so many stretch marks because of it. Oh, and sorry for blog stocking. They thought it was because my belly and skin were having to stretch really fast. The baby was growing so much that week so that it what was causing the itch, but benedryl worked!!! Good luck.

Jennifer said...

It happened to me, too. It's definitely because of stretching skin. Maybe Vitamin E would help?

EPVCCorier said...

I was super itchy as my skin stretched but I also got hives while pregnant in Houston, Pregnancy can make you more sensitive to allergans. I had to switch my soap to Aveeno and my laundry detergent to all free and clear or 7th generation because my skin was so sensitive to everything. Having Claire also made me lactose intolerant (that has continued), pregnancy is weird. Sorry. Don't scratch, it will make it worse!