Saturday, January 9, 2010

You've done it again!

I don't know why I thought Disney wasn't magical anymore!

I wasn't very interested in seeing The Princess and the Frog, because I am a childless adult and the last several Disney/Pixar films just haven't blown me away. But my friend Courtney asked if I wanted to go with her and her kids last night, and guess what?

I think it might be my favorite Disney movie ever! The voodoo part was perhaps a little dark creepy but overall it was fantastic.

I should have had more faith, especially last month when Disney on Ice brought me to tears during the opening number, (0f course I just thought it was due to the glittery costumes, dozens of spinning individuals and my weekened mental state from stress and exhaustion.) But I should have been more sensitive to the beauty and magic that Disney was built on!

I've got to say Disney, you've done it again!


Jenna said...

I freaking love all Disney movies. They are all amazing. Miss you. Im back now, we need to hang out! ASAP

Lindsey said...

I have wanted to see that movie since it came out but I don't have anyone to go see it with! Glad to hear it is a good one!