Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Special Delivery!

All my life I have enjoyed the thrill of getting the mail. It started when I was very young. I would look forward all year to the month of April when I knew there would be brightly colored envelopes addressed to me, filled with birthday wishes and often a 5 dollar bill. I looked forward to getting the friend magazine and those mini cereal box sample. My Grammy was unparalleled at sending cheesy cards for every holiday. Even though my anticipation was only indulged a few times a year, that didn't ever stop me from hoping, or from running down to the mail box in my bare feet.

As I grew up I got more mail, cards from far away friends, the random college letters and credit card offers. Even now that I am an adult and my mail usually consists of grocery store circulars and insurance offers I still get excited everyday when the mail comes. I never quite get over the exhilaration when I hear the distinct sound the mail truck makes as it comes up the street stopping every so often and then slowly passes by my house. I went through quite the phase of ordering free samples of random things last spring, and isn't the purpose behind online shopping to get a package on your doorstep a few days later?

Even though getting free samples is fun, I have a packet of NatureMade Sunbutter (sunflower seed peanut butter) still sitting on my counter from June, and my income can't support regularly ordering books on Amazon that cost more to ship than the purchase price. So, one of my new year's resolutions is to write more letters. I figure if I write letters, I'll get answers to letters, and then I will actually have a reason to look forward to picking up my mail. Besides, I've got to do something about that box of stationary under my bed that's been accumulating for the last 20 or so years.

So, friends far and near...anyone want to be my pen pal?


Katelyn said...

I want to send you something! who knows what it might be. it could be anything. send your address my way.

Jonathan and Sarah said...

I'll be your pen pal! I am the same exact way with the mail.

R and M said...

Can we please be pen pals? That would be fun.