Thursday, July 16, 2009


Um...somebody stole my newspaper today.

It was there at 8:52 when I left to go running, and it was gone at 10:07 when I got back.

I shouldn't be terribly upset, it's only a newspaper that I hardly even skim. However, I am deeply attached to doing the crossword puzzle.

I only get the paper Thursday and Sunday and I look forward to those days with anticipation so that I can spend a stimulating hour or two solving the day's riddles. Today, someone has deprived me of that joy. That's just rude! What's next, my mail?

I suspect my next door neighbors. I think they might be mad that sometimes my dogs poop in their yard. (I ALWAYS make sure Bryce picks it up, though.)

Maybe on Sunday I will hold a stakeout and watch from the upstairs window to see if I can catch the thief. If somebody steals my Sunday coupon insert...ooh, their will be trouble!

Now I am going to have to be productive for the next hour without that crossword!


Dave and Abby said...

I'm so glad you always make sure BRYCE picks up the dog crap.

Pocahontas said...

You should definitely hold a stakeout! I wish I could join you because that sounds like a lot of fun.